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The S2 being used in a training patrol.


Specter Arms is the only place to get the S2 rifle; the only 22 caliber training rifle designed with the weight and feel of its centerfire counterpart. 

Specter Arms is quickly becoming the go-to place for SKS rifles and accessories.  The SKS is a low cost rifle capable of use in the survival, hunting or defensive role.  As a specialist in the SKS, Specter Arms can perform many modifications including the unique SKS combat upgrade package.

Many other offerings are available here such as the innovative Advanced Reflex Optic and other accessories to optimize for whatever your mission is.

The items listed for sale on this website all link to printable PDF documents.  To view detailed information on any particular item you will need to have a PDF reader installed on your computer.  To download a PDF reader use the link below.

Why PDF?

Specter Arms has taken the time to develop a comprehensive and detailed description of the unique items for sale.  We want the end purchaser to fully understand why we sell a particular product and how to use it correctly.  With so much detail, having a printable PDF is not only easy on the eyes but allows the prospective buyer to read the information at his leisure.

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